Membership Application and Fees
Complete this form, and:
  • provide evidence of payment of the applicable subscription
  • provide an email address – there is an additional charge if no email address is given (to cover the costs of postage)
Ensure you include:
  • digital photo of yourself
  • copy of both sides of your DEDAT Tourist Guide Identification Card
  • copy of foreign language proficiency certificate – if applicable
  • copy of your PDP Licence – if applicable
  • copy of your valid Road Transportation Permit – if applicable
  • copy of any specialist/language qualification certificates proving competency
  • in cash, against issuance of a signed receipt; or
  • deposit into the bank account of  Cape Tourist Guides Association (CTGA) - the account details will be sent to you on completion of the form below
Membership Fees

Category Fee Payable Notes
All New Full members R75 Administrative Fee – once-off payment by all new Full members
Exist. Full Member R395 per annum Annual Subscription
Exist. Full Country Member R200 per annum
Annual Subscription
*telephone dialing code other than ‘021’
Site Guide R150 per annum Annual Subscription (excl. administrative fee)
Reciprocal Member Fees waived An email contact address is required
Subscriptions are payable and due on or before the CTGA’s financial year begins on 1 March each year.
In order to appear in the CTGA Directory full payment will be required by the end of January each year.
Please use YOUR NAME as reference.
Email the deposit slip to, ensure your NAME IS CLEARLY VISIBLE.
Please be patient while the online application form loads below.

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