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Considering joining the Cape Tourist Guides Association?
The CTGA acts as a pressure group, as a consultative body on matters concerning guiding and provides constant professional updating to its members.
What can we offer you as a member?
The CTGA will have a member representing Tourist Guides at all relevant meetings and forums, with the Tourist Guide's best interests at heart.
The CTGA, will as far as possible, participate in fora and make legal submissions on behalf of Tourist Guides.
Monthly Meetings:
Our monthly members meetings are hosted at different locations throughout Cape Town and surrounds. This will give you access to view new and interesting venues and learn what they have to offer for your guests.
Monthly speakers:
Our speakers cover a wide range of informative topics relevant to Tourist Guiding and Tourism.
You will have the opportunity to meet other members and gain insight into their guiding experiences and challenges. We are embarking on a mentorship program of which the details will be posted in the weekly newsletters sent out to all members.
Our Educationals allow you to view locations in the form of an informative tour.
Site Inspections:These allow you as a guide to view and have access to facilities that you may want to include in your itineraries.

What can you contribute as a member offer the Association?
The Association is always in need of Members to assist the Committee Members, with any one of the above mentioned offerings.
Before I join...
You are more than welcome to attend one CTGA meeting as a Guest prior to joining the Association. In order to arrange for this, please send an e-mail to
I am not based in Cape Town...
This is not a problem as you can become a ‘Country Member’ at a lower annual fee and still have access to all the information we provide to our members.
I would like to join now...
Complete our membership form on this site, attach all the necessary information and follow the payment instructions.  You will receive a membership certificate upon verification of your credentials.

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